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Founder's Message

Creating Impact with Manabidda and Abhaya

Dear Friends,

I'm delighted to share with you the heartening progress of Aarti, propelled by our initiatives Manabidda and Abhaya. Our journey has been a testament to the power of unity and support. Together, we've touched lives, fostering empowerment and resilience in children and women from diverse backgrounds. These experiences have reinforced our commitment to inclusivity and community, transcending boundaries to uplift those in need. As we celebrate our milestones, our vision expands to reach even more lives. Join us in this impactful journey, as Aarti continues to champion a world where every woman and child flourishes.

With boundless excitement and hope,



This Month's Update

From Aarti Village

Rani's Story: From Learner to Leader

Once a shy 5-year-old steps through Aarti's gates, Rani's story is nothing short of miraculous. Embraced by Aarti's nurturing environment, she blossomed from a curious student into a confident graduate, her path illuminated by the unwavering support of her mentors. But Rani's journey didn't stop at graduation. Recognizing her potential, Aarti equipped her with extensive vocational training in computer skills, languages, and more. Today, Rani stands tall in the very classrooms where she once learned, now as a teacher and a guiding light for others. Her journey from student to educator symbolizes the cycle of empowerment Aarti champions – a true testament to the transformative power of education and mentorship.


From Aarti School

Fostering Safety and Awareness: Child Protection Workshops

In our latest initiative, Aarti School conducted impactful Child Protection and Good Touch/Bad Touch workshops. These sessions, tailored for different age groups, empowered our students with essential knowledge about personal safety, respect, and self-defense. Through interactive activities and a focus on student rights under the Child Protection and POSCO Acts, we've equipped our students to confidently navigate their surroundings and become responsible, informed members of our community.


From Aarti Women’s Centre

Transforming Lives Through Livelihood Training

The livelihood training at our Women's Center is a beacon of hope and transformation. Participants gain vital skills leading to economic independence, contributing positively to our community and their personal growth.


Gratitude Corner

Empowering Future Achievers: C4C's Generous Contribution

A big thank you to C4C for providing Model Practice Question Paper Books to our Class 10 students. These resources are a stepping stone towards academic success, filled with practice questions and expert tips, bolstering our students' exam preparations.


Spread Joy

Aarti for Girls is dedicated to supporting 700 children with education, shelter, and healthcare, and empowering women through vocational training. Your contributions can make a significant impact in continuing these life-changing activities. Click below to donate and spread joy.

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