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 A society with a changed mindset regarding girls and women who, being aware of their rights, are celebrated, cared for and educated, and make informed choices independently. 


H – Helping girls help themselves
A – Advocating against female foeticide and infanticide
V – Valuing the girl child
E – Empowering women through education and helping them find a voice

Our Values

Ensure that
  • The values of Integrity, Compassion and Empathy are firmly instilled

  • Children are  provided love, and their  insecurities addressed

  • Children grow  up with the security  of shelter, food, health care in community based living.

  • Children are confident and full of self-esteem  and bond with the other children. 

  • Children are  taken seriously, their voices   heard, and they participate in making decisions in the cottage they share with other children. 

  • Children get  education at the appropriate age, have an opportunity to dream and are guided towards a secure future.

  • The Children’s confidentiality is maintained

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