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We would be delighted if you join us in our effort to make the world a fairer and more equal place. You can support girls and young women by donating your time and your skills.

Over the years we have hosted hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. In this win-win-win situation, the girls get excellent learning opportunities through their interaction with the volunteers, the organisation gets support and infusion of fresh ideas and the volunteers themselves gain perspective and valuable insight into the issues we are trying to tackle. Our volunteers are delighted with the warm environment at Aarti Home and their take-aways from their stint. They often organise fundraisers to support the girls long after they have returned home. They are always a part of the Aarti family.

Volunteer in person: For over 21 years we have had student volunteers spending between a month to a year in Kadapa. Students from universities within India and abroad regularly spend summers with us helping us in different ways - either with the day-to-day operations, by setting up systems and/or by supporting large-scale projects that deal with changing the attitudes of society towards girls and women. Our German volunteers helped set up our pre-school from scratch in 2018,

Volunteer online: Some of our supporters are based far away, but in this digital age they are able to conduct workshops to teach the vast array of skills that can be taught online.

Volunteer Certificates: The volunteers who contribute either online or in person, will be given a certificate of volunteering.

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