Our Team

Aarti was able to grow into the organization it is today due to the services, resources, and unwavering support of family, friends, and the community here in Kadapa and around the world. Our team is an extended family of volunteers, donors, board members, community members, and even Aarti girls themselves.  

President - Sandhya Puchalapalli
A well-loved member of the teaching community, Sandhya Puchalapalli has become an inspiration to Andhra Pradesh and abroad through her work at Aarti over the past two decades. In 2012, she won the Leadership Impact Award through the Global Women's Leadership Network (Santa Clara University, USA). In 2016, she was invited to speak at a TEDx conference in Delhi about her contributions to Aarti. She continues to manage Aarti operations and inspire on a local, national, and international level. ​
Secretary/Founding Member - Durga Kumari
Durga Kumari is a well known law professional, member of the consumer forum, and strong advocate for women's rights. After hearing initial Sandhya’s idea, she jumped in by securing a house for the young girls next to her own home and now serves as Aarti’s secretary. Though she was married at a young age, her involvement in Aarti inspired her to return to school and get a law degree to continue the fight for women's rights in Kadapa.
Joint Secretary - Dr. P. Bali Reddy
A practicing physician for over 30 years in Kadapa, Dr. Bali Reddy is a highly respected member of the medical community and tremendous supporter for VFT since its inception. He is also the first responder for any medical problems at Aarti.
Treasurer -  Jayesh Ranjan IAS
Mr. Jayesh Ranjan is a member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and working in the state of Telangana. Jayesh Ranjan is the Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments of the Telangana government.
Chief Financial Consultant - Rajeev Vartak
Mr. Rajeev Vartak worked for 38 years in finance in the Corporate Sector in India for Oman and Kuwait. After retiring as the CFO of the business conglomerate in Kuwait, he now gives his time to Aarti as an advisor for the organization’s finances.
Vimalamma .jpg
Founding Member - Vimala Duvvur
Vimala Duvvur, a family friend and schoolteacher, offered to move in with the girls to be their full time caretaker. Vimala was like the mother to the children, helping with homework in the evenings and providing care 24 hours a day. She remained a permanent part of Aarti Home for 15 years until she retired.
sunita 2.jpg
Founding Member - Sunita Yaduguri
Another teacher at the government school, Sunita Yaduguri offered to be a caretaker for the girls at the start of the organization. She came to the home each day to cook for the girls, help with studies, and provide other caretaking services. She physically assisted for 10 years and continues to help.

Founding Members

​Mr. T. V. Raghava Reddy, B.E., M.Sc. (Engg)

Mr. R. Shivanand Reddy, B.E.

Dr.C. Sunitha, M.A., Phd.

Mr. G. Vijayabhaskar Reddy

Mr. D. Ramaswamy Reddy

Dr. D. Vimala

R. Narayana Reddy

Dr. N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

T. Nagabhushanam Reddy

Dr. T. Sudhakar Reddy

Subba Reddy

India Board of Trustees

Sandhya Puchalapalli

Durga Kumari

Dr. P. Bali Reddy

Uma Maheswara Reddy

Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary for the State of Telengana

Dr. T. Vindhya

Shyamala Rajaram

Swati Puchalapalli

Mr. G. Vijayabhaskar Reddy

Mr. R. Shivanand Reddy

India Board of Advisors

Mr. K. Jayabharatha Reddy, Indian Administrative Services (IAS) (retired)

Mr. A. N. Tiwari, IAS (retired)

Mr. Kanchi V. Rama Moorthy, Country Representative for UNFPA (retired)

Mr. T. Mallikarjuna Reddy

Mr. G. R. Reddy, IRS (retired)

Capt. K. V. Reddy

M. Vinod Reddy

US Board of Trustees


Obul Kumbham

Sridevi Joshi

Parvati Kona

Subhashini Boya

Shalini Puchalapalli

US Board of Advisors


S. M. Krishna Kumar

Bonnie Zare, Women’s Studies Professor at Virginia Tech

Friends of Aarti UK


Ashok Prasad

Namrata Vora

Swati Puchalapalli