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One woman at a time

...a door to door campaign in two mandals, Chennur and Chinta Komma Dinne to advise:

  • Pregnant women and their families about the value of daughters

  • Avoiding scanning for sex determination of the child 

  • Refuse to abort knowing that they are pregnant with a girl baby

  • The legal implications of foetal sex determination, and abortion of a female foetus

    • That it is a punishable offence under PCPNDT Act

    • Doctors who conduct sex determination are punishable by law, along with the mother, father and the families concerned

  • That domestic violence against women is punishable

  • Enrolment of the girl child in school

  • That child marriages are against the law

In Chennur and C.K.Dinne mandals where we worked, the sex ratio was Chennur - 1001 girls to 1000 boys, and C.K.Dinne - 998 girls to 1000 boys.

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