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CSR Partners

Join us and leave a lasting imprint

There will be tangible changes – socially, economically, or environmentally that you can do with us

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Bridge Schooling


eClerx knew how underprivileged children often fail in the mainstream school systems without proper integration and wanted to help Aarti create a bridge schooling program to fill those gaps before attending those schools

Duration: x weeks/months

Impact: Help x underprivileged children prepared to enter into the main- stream school system

Abhaya Project

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In 6 months: Completed preliminary                            assessment of community, conducted                  monthly support groups, held 1-day                      workshops with Human Rights                                Defenders,set up a hotline, and opened a            safe house


In 1 year: Opened an Open Resources Center              offering counseling and tech resources.              We also launched an app so that every                  women can easily know and find their                  rights

We are still trying to grow our reach with CSR partners and would love if you could join us. If interested, please contact us at phone # & email. We will be available to speak to you from 10AM-6PM IST on Monday-Friday

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