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Three decades ago, Aarti for Girls began as a shelter known as Aarti Home for abandoned children. With over 1,000 children passing through its doors, Aarti Home has become a haven for children who have suffered abuse, trafficking, and abandonment. Through our efforts, we quickly learned that 90% of India’s abandoned children are girls.

As our home grew, we soon realized that behind every abandoned girl was a mother who was unable to protect her child. Over time, our mission has broadened to address the underlying gender discrimination and violence affecting both women and girls.

At its core, Aarti fosters and supports abandoned girls in Kadapa by providing them with a home and opportunity. Simultaneously, we work to educate and empower women in the larger community through training and advocacy programs. We aim to help women achieve economic and emotional independence, gain confidence, and understand their personal rights.


Impact at a Glance

1000+ children have been in Aarti's care

550 students currently enrolled at Aarti School

30,000+ women trained through livelihood programs

117 mandals where Aarti advocates for girls and women

COVID-19 Lockdown Victim Relief Efforts

Our relief operations for COVID 19 are centred on four areas - Awareness, Relief, Prevention and support

Awareness: We started awareness on social distancing and hygiene through 1000 banners and 5000 leaflets in slums across Kadapa town in Early March

Relief: We are creating and distributing three kinds of packs for different sections of society - sanitation relief pack consisting of cleaning supplies and masks, Dry ration relief pack for families in dire need and COVID patient kits for the quarantined patients for all their needs. We are making and distributing 3000 Sanitation packs, 3000 dry relief packs and 35 patient kits. The identification and distribution is being done in close collaboration with district administration to identify and reach 21695 families and 700 migrant workers

Prevention: We have trained over 1000 tailors and have formed cooperatives. With our women, we are making 1000 masks a day since March end for people in need and sending them to the people in the frontline.

Support: Our most vulnerable sections of society - children and women in need continue to face even more danger now. Our helplines and support networks are open and continue to work 24/7.

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