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Our Story

Aarti Today

It became clear that this process of abandonment and gender-based discrimination could not be stopped by simply fostering the abandoned children. There needed to be a larger social movement to support mothers in protecting their children and to empower women to live emotionally and economically independent lives.

With that, Aarti for Girls has transformed into an umbrella organization for Aarti Home, School, and various other programmings to meet the needs of the girls to grow academically, economically, and emotionally. They are given the space to thrive provided with steady meals and proper education, which most mainstream schools wouldn’t, to close their knowledge gaps. Through these initiatives, children who come out of Aarti are now breaking the life cycle of child abandonment and gender-based discrimination – leading the change and preventing further perpetuation within their families. The grown children have also returned to see all of their brothers and sisters to celebrate their birthdays and to give back to the organization that gave them more than just a roof over their heads. Aarti has given them a fighting chance at survival in a world where 25% of girls wouldn’t live past their 5th birthday.

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