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Three decades ago, Aarti for Girls began as a shelter known as Aarti Home for abandoned children. With over 6,000 children passing through its doors, Aarti Home has become a haven for children who have suffered abuse, trafficking, and abandonment. Through our efforts, we quickly learned that 90% of India’s abandoned children are girls.

As our home grew, we soon realized that behind every abandoned girl was a mother who was unable to protect her child. Over time, our mission has broadened to address the underlying gender discrimination and violence affecting both women and girls.

At its core, Aarti fosters and supports abandoned girls in Kadapa by providing them with a home and opportunity. Simultaneously, we work to educate and empower women in the larger community through training and advocacy programs. We aim to help women achieve economic and emotional independence, gain confidence, and understand their personal rights.


Impact at a Glance

6000+ children have been in Aarti's care

650 students currently enrolled at Aarti School

50,000+ women trained through livelihood programs

117 mandals where Aarti advocates for girls and women


Thank you so much for your generous contribution to Operation Oxygen Kadapa. We wanted to share with you a very quick update of where we are.

We have been overwhelmed with support from enthusiastic volunteers, donors, and pledges of assistance from professionals. We had enthusiastic volunteers who ran the grueling Florida Keys 100 marathon to raise funds for Operation Oxygen Kadapa. We had high school and college kids who donated their entire savings from a year of tutoring to our cause. We also had generous contributions from fellow alums from our alma mater institution, support from alumni groups and organizations such as IIT Madras Alumni Association, Pan IIT India etc. We received tremendous institutional support from organizations ranging from Synopsys, IIFL, and the Association of Physicians of North America (APNA).


Our initial objective was to raise $160,000 to fund oxygen concentrators and a PSA plant with a capacity of 30 Nm3/hr.

We are delighted and pleased to inform you of the status of our project. Currently our pledges from various sources, including crowdfunding, corporate matching, individual donations etc., are a little over $310,000.

Project Status

Due to lack of oxygen, only 350 beds out of the 750-bed hospital at Kadapa are being used for COVID patients. Originally, we anticipated getting one plant operational targeting a continuous supply of 100 covid beds but with the sum we raised we have now ordered 2 oxygen plants to support about 270 covid beds.. 

We have also been able to reduce the timeframe within which the plants become operational. The two plants will now be operational within 6-8 weeks, as against the initial target of 12-16 weeks.

In addition to the oxygen plants, we have also ordered 107 oxygen concentrators and distributed them to District Authorities to be used across the government hospitals in Kadapa district.

AArti Donating Concentrators.png
Aarti shipping Concentrators.png

This project has been an excellent model for collaboration between NGOs, private businesses and government bodies. It clearly demonstrates why private and public enterprises both are critical for social impact projects. 

  • District Magistrate and Collector of Kadapa District - allocation of land  and practical support offered to get the necessary clearances to implement this project.

  • Organisations like Linde, Vera Tatva, Synopsys, IIFL, IIT Madras and other Engineering consultants for their technical help and support.

  • Support from not for profits organisation likes APNA and of course Aarti for Girls that stepped up for the need of the hour.

We are left with a small surplus beyond what we spent for the oxygen plants and concentrators, which we intend to use for supporting children who lost both parents to covid and have been orphaned. Sadly there are many children with nowhere to go and no support.