Vaishnavi was abandoned shortly after delivery in a hospital in Kadapa. According to doctors at the hospital she was a third girl child and her mother came from a very traditional family and was a typical dependent daughter-in-law with absolutely no say in the family. 

Her in-laws had clearly warned her that she needn't return home if she delivered a girl again!

When the baby was brought to Aarti Home, she was sick and suffered from septicaemia. 

Her chances of survival appeared bleak. Fifteen years later, Vishnu is a cheerful, fun-loving and confident teenager. She attends Aarti School and is in 10th grade. She aspires to become a teacher of English language.

The ability to communicate with the world, she believes, is the biggest asset to a girl child in India. Communication through education, dance or any other medium, she finds, is necessary for a person to be of some value to the society.