What types of volunteer programs are available?


We welcome volunteers aged over 19 years. We are particularly interested in people with good skills in computing and administration and with an ability to communicate well in English. We welcome volunteers any time between July and February.

There are two types of exchanges:

Long-term: These can be retired professional people, people taking a sabbatical from their workplace and those who are taking a gap year between school and university. The length of stay can be between 3 and 8 months.

Short-term: We also welcome volunteers during the summer vacation for a length of between 3 and 9 weeks.

Meet our Volunteers

Sara, France

Alyssa Wisdom

Carlo, Stanford

Janhavi Vartak, Pune 

Rosannie Garraud, California

Hear our past Volunteers

Alicia, Chicago

Welcome Sydney

Introducing Mateusz Krempa

Desbelet Berhe from Santa Clara

Mayura, USA