To be able to write one’s story


At Aarti, we believe in the ultimate empowerment – for a woman to be able to write her own story. We realize that gender equality is beyond just the survival of a girl child or for that matter, economic independence of women. It is only when women have the power to make choices for themselves and for their children can we consider them to be liberated.


Core Purpose: Aarti exists to ensure that women survive and are empowered to exercise choices over their lives.

Core Values: 


We imagine a world where a girl is treated no differently from a boy and a woman is treated no differently from a man.


Our commitment to the cause is like the commitment of a mother to her child - it is not conditional or time-bound. It continues beyond providing shelter to providing schooling, beyond schooling to higher education, beyond college to a good job and beyond a career to finding a partner for life.


Our work is born out of the compassion we feel for the abandoned girl children, to look upon their suffering as our own and not look down in pity.


Excellence is a continuous quest at Aarti. It has meant going beyond compliances to creating our own standards. It means doing what you do with all your heart.