Sree Lakshmi


Our mother was killed by our father in an act of domestic violence, something she suffered from daily. He would force her to bring in money from her family home so that he could use it for his own needs.

My sister and I have been in Aarti Home for as long as I can remember. Now, I work as a senior trainer in Mana Bidda running leadership trainings and counseling health workers. I also help manage Aarti's Women’s Education Project (WEP) programs.

After Mana Bidda, I have big ambitions. One thing I’m very passionate about is sight. My sister and I were both born with extremely weak eyesight, so when I grow up, I would love to contribute to blind schools. I also want to work towards LGBT rights but I don’t think I know enough yet. It’s okay, I’ll read up on it. I finished my Master's Degree in English and I want to get my PhD from the best university in India, so I'm saving up some money. Wherever I go and whatever I do, one day I want to come back to Aarti home and teach the children here.  

I'm only 22, so I think I have some time.