Radhika’s arrival, Sandhya claims, was pivotal in the founding of Aarti Home. It was May 1992 when a washerwomen came running to Sandhya with news of a little girl in her village. She said that a 2-year- old girl was lying abandoned on the street. The girl’s father had murdered her mother and disappeared. Initially, the baby had living with her grandfather, but after he passed away her uncles had refused to take in the baby girl.

Sandhya, thinking of her own daughters,  took the little Radhika in and brought her to her home to live alongside her own children. When she came, Radhika was in a sickly condition. The little girl suffered from severe malnutrition and did not speak a word for the first 6 months. She had a vague, distant look on her face. Because of her malnutrition, she also gave off a foul odor until she was about 4 years-old.

 With the appropriate support, she began to grow. Although she was an average student in school, she did surprisingly well in her grade 12 examinations. Following that, she enrolled in a Bachelor’s programme in nursing. Leaving home was difficult for Radhika and she returned home for a year after starting her bachelor's program. However, with love and support from her new family, she ended up returning to school to become a radiology technician in a renowned corporate hospital. She’s now married and lives happily with her husband in Hyderabad.