More our knowledge, stronger we become

The #Abhaya team was super excited to meet the Kadapa women DSP Sri Katam Raju sir for a face to face knowledge transfer session on 24th July 19. This knowledge transfer session was organised as part of capacity building exercise which the Project Management feels as essential for the grass root staff to work efficiently.

DSP sir shared his rich experience in dealing with the cases related to women and enlightened the team on issues related to Dowry, Domestic Violence and Trafficking. He extensively spoke on the police procedures and about the importance of evidence and how to prepare the documents required for filing FIRs and reporting the cases. He also spoke about the Prohibition of Dowry Act, Sections 354 of the IPC (which deals with eve teasing, stalking and voyeurism). He also cautioned the immigrants to be careful and check whether they are choosing the agents who offer them Protection of Emigrants.

He advised the college sensitization team to speak to the girls against falling in love and causing agony to their parents. He cited a number of cases which have been reported in his police station.

He explained the difference between the counselling given by the NGOs and the Police.

Our counsellors talked about the cases which have been reported to them and sought sir's advise in handling them,

Concluding the session DSP sir said that love and belief are the pillars of a happy family and a healthy marital relationship.

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