Celebrating love at Aarti Home

Already in the early morning of 23 December, an unusual excitement could be felt in the village. After girls had done their regular Sunday chores, they started making flower bouquets and hanging them all over the village. The floors were wiped more carefully than usual, every corner had to be shining for the evening. The older girls worked hard on the Rangoli designs in front of the village gate and main building.

The preparations were finished just before the guests started to arrive in the night, among them the most important ones – the groom Michael and the most beautiful bride Neha. They were already happily married but wanted to celebrate it together with the kids and Neha’s relatives from India. Girls had prepared many songs and dances to welcome all the guests. As the bride and groom live in USA, the girls had an international crowd to perform to, so they had also chosen their costumes very carefully. For some of the girls, it was the first time to wear a saree.

After the official performance part was over, all guests were invited to the dancefloor, a bunch of boys took the place of a DJ and there was an evening full of fun both for the young and old. We wish all the best to the happy couple and say thank you for sharing your joy with us!