#Abhaya - Rights Based Approach

#Abhaya meaning committed to protect, is a European Commission funded project, being implemented in Kadapa and Chittoor districts of Andhra Pradesh. The main objective of the project is to see that the women's rights are protected and coalitions of women’s Human Rights Defenders (wHRDs) are created and strengthened to protect the women's rights. #Abhaya also aims to provide physical, psychological and social support to the wHRDs in these districts. #Abhaya believes in being the wind beneath the wings of those women who dare to fly.

While the project believes and realizes that the immediate needs of the victims (and wHRDs) are to be addressed, it also believes in finding a permanent solution to women's problems by empowering them by following Rights based approach and empowering them.

Empowerment of women can happen in many ways and some of the ways being adopted in #Abhaya are

· Empowering women by making them aware of their rights.

· Empowering women by making a leader out of them.

· Empowering women by providing livelihood skills to them.

1) Empowering women by making them aware of their rights:

i) Through know your strength workshops: 100 such workshops will be conducted during the next 12 months of the project. These workshops are planned to be conducted in six Open Resource Centers (ORCs) established in Kadapa and Chittoor districts. The coordinator of the ORC is also conducting knowledge sharing sessions about various rights related to women and quiz programs on women’s rights are also being conducted.

ii) Through Legal awareness booklet published: A legal awareness booklet was published by #Abhaya. This booklet contains 12 topics on women's rights and is available both in Telugu and English. This booklet is distributed free of cost and can be obtained free of cost. Please contact advocacy@aartiforgirls.org for free pdf version of this booklet.

iii) Through Android App: #Abhaya has developed an Android App named ABHAYA and the same is available on the Google play store. The App contains learning material relating to 12 topics on women's rights. At the end of each topic a small quiz is added and people downloading the app can take this quiz to test their knowledge. Some videos are also available in the app which can be watched by clicking the link provided.

iv) Through ORCS: #Abhaya has provided computers in the ORCs with internet connection, where women visiting the ORCs can access the internet and learn about their rights. They can also access information from other wHRD coalitions and gain knowledge on rights and about methods adopted/followed in resolving a similar case

2) Empowering women by making a leader out of them.

i) #Abhaya has planned to conduct leadership training workshops. This workshop teaches the wHRDs to concentrate on their inner strengths and teaches them to be role models to other women. It also teaches them to be transparent in their actions and be bold enough to face the society. Other women can take inspiration from these wHRDs and become leaders for themselves.

3) Empowering women by providing livelihood training skills: Aarti VFT has been adopting this approach (of providing livelihood skills to women) since it established Lalitha Coop with an objective to make the women economically independent so that they are empowered to make their own decisions. VFT has provided livelihood skills to thousands of women in Kadapa district through Lalitha Coop. Furthering this initiative and the experience gained; #Abhaya is also providing livelihood skills in the ORCs through training the women in tailoring, basic computer courses, beautician courses etc. Any women can walk into these ORCs and get enrolled for the training sessions

For further details on the project please contact any of the ORCs, and the help line number 040 45208688

You can also download the Legal awareness booklet (free of cost) at the following links

Telugu version


English Version