#Abhaya - Awareness of Rights

#Abhaya plans to provide Awareness on Human Rights to 50000 students in both Kadapa and Chittoor Districts of AP so as to make them into responsible Women Human Rights Defenders in future. So far #Abhaya has completed 120 college sensitization workshops and reached more than 15000 students in Kadapa District.

Last week, our volunteers Ms.Sowmika and Ms. Bhavana, addressed 40 young adults of Aarti Village by conducting a workshop on day to day problems the girls face on the streets and how to tackle them. Group discussions were held in which the girls actively participated . They discussed and suggested ways and means to save themselves from the abusers in the streets. All of them agreed that the laws should be more stringent in dealing with the offenders and the punishments severe. After the workshop the girls pledged to share the knowledge gained and to become responsible wHRDs when they go back into the society as responsible women.

They were also told about the Abhaya, a mobile App which they can download, install and use it as guidance for issues related to women's rights

Abhaya believes that Knowledge is power and peace can be achieved in this world by educating our younger ones. To make this belief come true, the project has published booklets and pamphlets on women's rights. #Abhaya also conducts mass awareness workshops within the student community and general public. #Abhaya has also published an Android Mobile App on Play Store for the public to download and use it as a guidance.

The App is available at


We have also published a legal awareness booklet which is available for free down load at

https://drive.google.com/open?id=14F9YTlX8aXfrVCLEkO8ABYVW7Ngfa64b (for Telugu content)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m-BpaSfxbmN2aHZw4z5Aofw8sHND4MnT (for English content)