#Abhaya and NCC

July month has been very hectic for the team #Abhaya as the team was conducting various project related activities and addressing issues related to girls and women. The team jumped at the opportunity when they were invited to address 800 NCC cadets of 30(A) NCC Batallion on the 3rd and 20th July 2019. The first session was addressed by our founder president Ms.Sandhya during which she spoke to the cadets about the importance of developing values in life and explained how #childlabour is different from helping parents in domestic work. On both the occasions our #Abhaya volunteers, Sowmika, Bhavana and Kusama had hands on experience, They spoke to the gathering about the issues girls face in their daily lives like #eveteasing, #ragging, #childsexualabuse and #cybercrime. Later the NCC cadets took an oath that they will protect girls rights and volunteer to work for the cause of #Abhaya. Team #Abhaya wishes to cinduct many such awareness programs and want to thank the NCC commandant an d Assistant Commander for giving us this opportunity. Our goal is to make every one an ABHAYA and to ensure that there are no abuses against women. Hope we will succeed.