Peerambi (Peeru)


My strongest memory is running out of the house, covered in blood, with my two sisters behind me, knocking on any and every door we saw until we finally came to Sandhyamma. I remember hearing my mother scream as my father stabbed her in her sleep, begging him not to, for our sake. My youngest sisterclung on to her bloody body, crying while my father dragged us around the house. When I first saw Sandhyamma, I was very happy. She took us into her home and that’s how Aarti Home came to be.

I’m now in the 12th grade and I love to study and interact with the children here. I want to become a police officer to reduce to atrocities committed to women. When the police came in the morning to recover my mother’s body, my grandmother handed over the family gold to them for safe keeping but it never came back. They refused to give it back. This is another reason I want to become a police officer: I want everybody to feel like they are safe under my command.

I love the girls at Aarti Home and I never feel like I need anything more. I have my sisters, my friends, and a passion; that is enough.