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Women's Education Project

Aarti for Girls is consortium partner with Women's Education Project.

WEP partners with girl-focused NGOs to provide its I Am a Leader Academy, where young, vulnerable women, (ages 16-24), find their confidence, explore their interests and opportunities and acquire job-ready skills to pursue them – within a supportive community of peers, mentors and role models.

The I Am a Leader Academy’s diploma granting curriculum of skill-building, vision-expanding experiences, field trips, guest speakers, mentors, workshops, internships, training programs, and courses prepare I Am a Leader Scholars to develop the leader within and become economically independent, many pursuing a viable career of their own choosing.  

Upon completion, those wishing to become an entrepreneur or pursue a career are introduced to opportunities.
“Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded.”

  — Jess Lair 


Children are accepted to be the eventual fate of not only a country but the world. They are the future leaders who, whenever moulded and sustained effectively can lead the world to greater heights. 


To sustain our nation's children, we first need to know what child development implies? 


A child’s development is the cycle of growth of a kid to the high school years, from reliance on expanding freedom. The early long periods of a youngster's life are fundamental for the psychological, social, and passionate turn of events. Consequently, it is significant that guardians make each stride important to guarantee that youngsters experience childhood in situations where their social, passionate, and instructive necessities are met.


A correct situation for any child is important for him/her to develop with the correct attitude and habits. Yet, with an expansion in the pace of wrongdoing and cold-bloodedness, the children had additionally endured a great deal. There are numerous cases detailed about child misuse, child provocation, and so on., in our nation for which numerous non-government associations and financing bodies have assembled to help these sorts of children out of their torments and give them a superior life, a daily existence they have the right to live. has chosen to run a "child development mission" to spread mindfulness among the individuals of the Middle East about the significance and centrality of legitimate child development, how it assumes a significant part for the general public, and how attempting to give fundamental rights to the little ones. has likewise chosen to give one week earnings to this reason and contribute our bit for a decent deed making as much change as possible from our side. 


We plan to not simply know about the individuals about the work and endeavours different NGOs are placing in yet additionally the genuine state of helpless little children and their needs and requests for typical carrying on with life. 


Children are an endowment of God sent from paradise to upgrade the lives of individuals they run over, yet a few people bug them, misuse them, don't treat them well and no one becomes more acquainted with or speaks loudly. 


We as a whole might have seen some sort of remorselessness being finished with a child someplace at some point. It's an ideal opportunity to stand firm for the little ones and assist them with giving their entitlement to live as similarly as all the other children in this world.