P. Lakshmi


I was sold to a gang of thieves when I was very young, and they paid my parents a considerable sum. Even before this, my mother would beat me regularly and mistreat me. I wished and wished to have another family, knowing that they were the reason for my unhappiness.

The thieves trained me and a few other children to steal and pickpocket in famous, crowded places. They abused us horribly if we failed and finally one day, I was caught red-handed by the police. Thankfully, the police knew about Aarti Home and brought me here.

I had to start school from the beginning as I hadn’t been educated before, and I’m now in the seventh grade. Aarti has provided a safe place to me and it was pure luck that brought me, and not any of the other girls, here. I hope their situations get better and they can leave that hell.


I love dancing and art, and I want to become either an actor or a police, an actor because that’s what my father always wanted me to become, but as a police officer I could make sure that no other child goes through similar trauma.

I have all my sisters here at the home, and I would never dream of leaving; this is my real family.