Hemalatha was only one when she was admitted to Aarti Home. Her mother died when she was only eleven months old. Her father, a laborer, was incapable of caring properly for her. He requested that she be taken under Aarti Home's wing. She is an avid reader and loves to play with the other kids.


Shoba was brought to Aarti Home by her grandfather. Her family passed away due to a tragic disease. She was left with her 75-year-old unretired and laboring grandfather who was unable to care for her and her two siblings. Since moving to Aarti Home, she has been doing well in school and wants to pursue a career in the sciences.


Vaishnavi was abandoned upon birth in a nursing home belonging to Dr. T. Sudhakar Reddy, an executive board member of the Vijay Foundation Trust. Dr. T. Sudhakar Reddy asked for her to be admitted, and having spent her years growing up at Aarti, she has become a very driven young woman. She has finished her twelfth class and will be pursuing nursing in the near future.

Harshita & Varshita

Harshita was left by her parents in a small basket at the gate of Aarti Home. When we brought her into the home, the first thing we took note of was her beautiful smile and joyous demeanor. She is now in her 2nd standard and very fond of painting and singing.

Varshita's parents died when she was born, and her neighbors took care of her for a week. She was later brought to Aarti Home after a stranger admitted to have found her in a dustbin. She came to the home on a rainy day, hence her name Varshita, since Varsha means "rain" in Telegu. She is now in 2nd standard and is a storyteller and artist.

Both Harshita and Varshita are being brought up in Aarti Home like twins since they both arrived at around the same time and have always treated each other like sisters.


Only about 10 months old and hardly able to walk, Soumika was found crawling into the gate of Aarti Home. She had a small bag attached to her, containing one set of clothes and a chalkboard. She was immediately accepted, and quickly adapted to life at Aarti Home.

She is now in her intermediate second year (12th standard). She has a very calm and collected personality. This characteristic is evident in her study habits, since she is always very punctual with her assignments and deliberates her subjects of interest very carefully. Consequently, she does excellently in school. She aims to become an engineer. She has always considered Aarti to be her first and only home.


Nagaveni's father abandoned her family, and has not returned since. Her mother, who was mentally unstable, worked in a temple, often leaving Nagaveni and her two sisters unattended. Village elders, from Narasimnapuram village, feared that the girls would become victims of human trafficking if they continued to live under such conditions, and decided to bring them to Aarti Home. At the time, she was 13. She was then without any formal education. However, she perservered through her schooling at Aarti and is now an undergrad studying computer science.

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