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2012-07-02 09:12:09

School Begins, Watch the Children at Aarti Home

Watch the Children enjoy their day at School.

2012-05-28 22:53:56

Vote for Aarti at Impact Contest

2012-04-23 08:08:39

A Ceremony and a Pledge

Graduation Ceremony for Training Courses

2012-04-18 20:47:31

Learning is Fun at Aarti School!

Aarti School is dedicated to preparing students for college and the workforce. In order to create meaningful learning experiences for the students

2012-04-18 20:47:01

Summer Camp at Aarti Home!

May 2011: At Aarti Home this summer we have launched an exciting program to promote the idea that reading is fun and not a chore.

2012-04-18 20:46:39

Aarti Home Sponsorship Drive!

Hello Aarti Home supporters, We need your help! Let's make sure the children of Aarti Home are fully sponsored by the time their school year begins in June!

2012-04-18 20:46:15

Happy Holi from Aarti Home!

On Sunday, Aarti Home celebrated Holi, the festival of colors! For Laura,

2012-04-18 20:45:53

UN statistics on the Girl Child in India

Female foeticide has increased over the past few decades.

2012-04-18 20:45:29

In Celebration of Being Girls

VFT has set up a stall at Kausalyam, an exhibition organised by Crafts Council at Kamma Sangam in Hyderabad.

2012-04-18 20:45:06

Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones from all of us at Aarti Home .

2012-04-18 20:44:44

Lalitha Women's Cooperative - Exhibitions at New Delhi

An illiterate woman will not be able to realize the value of educating her daughter.

2012-04-18 20:44:16

Creative Junction Project - UK Trip

Aug 2010: The Playing Wall, the film created at the end of this project can be viewed in the blog.

2012-04-18 20:43:50

Creative Junction Project - UK Trip

Aug 2010: Thanks to Mr.Ajit Kamath, Chairman & MD, Arch Pharmalabs Ltd,

2012-04-18 20:43:26

Aarti Home Children Create a Wall Mural

May 2010: As part of the Creative Junction project,

2012-04-18 20:40:01

Namrata Vora coordinating a project for Aarti Home girls at London school

April/May 2010: The girls of Aarti School have been engaged in a very interesting project over the last year.

2012-04-18 20:39:31

VFT partners with district administration to start 40 bridge schools

May 2009: VFT has been named the primary NGO for 'Sarva Sikshya Abhiyaan', a Government of India initiative that seeks to ensure elementary education for all,

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Aarti Children's Village - VFT's Future Plan

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2012-04-18 20:38:35

BBC2's documentary 'India's Missing Girls' features Aarti Home

Oct 2007: Aarti Home was featured in a BBC2 documentary called India's Missing Girls recently.

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