(Written during her stay at Aarti)

Here is the most inspiring, amazing, wonderful place on Earth: Aarti Home. It all started when a little girl was left, abandoned, on the door step of the woman’s house, a woman who would later become the founder of this amazing place. That was about 15 years ago. All you see here are smiles. All you feel here is love. 

All that exists here is compassion, respect, joy and inspiration. But most important of all, there is LOVE. I have been put in charge of giving all the sponsorship and donation systems a face lift –meaning that I am going over every child’s history as well as getting to know each of the children individually so that the donors have a better knowledge of the angels they help support. 

I could never, in my worst nightmares, imagine what most of these children have survived. And being with them, you’d never see even a flicker of pain. It is both heart breaking and heart warming to be here. The children share, take care of one another, rarely fight. The laughter here is pretty much 24 hours a day, from 5am to 10pm. I have never felt so simply light and loved than I have here. I am so fortunate to be here – as they are giving me infinitely more than I could give to them in return. As Sandhya says (she is the founder), Aarti Home lights candles – little candles that would have otherwise been left to a life of slavery, labor and death. All she asks in return is that her little candles go and light other flames – and give back.

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