I am Kavya. I am 19 years old. I am studying B-Tech III year in K.L.M. Collge of Engineering, Kadapa.

I have one brother. His name is Shabarish. He is studying chartered accounting. My hobbies are

caroms, chess and playing with children. My aim is to become a software engineer. My favourite

subject is math. My favourite colours are white, black and sky blue. My favourite dishes are

chapathi and puri. I came to Aarti Home when I was 5 years old. My parents died and my

grandfather took care of me for some days and later my grandfather took me here. I don't know

anything about my parents. All I know is that my grandfather told me that my parents died. When

I came here I felt very happy and they all carried me and took care of me. So I feel I have every

thing here with many brothers and sisters. When I came to Aarti Home Sandhyamma took me to

Arobindo School which is why I am doing my III B-Tech in K.L.M College. I feel very proud of myself and Aarti Home for my bright future in the society.

I like Aarti Home. The thing I like most in Aarti Home is having many brothers, sisters, and friends with whom we share our happiness and sadness. In Aarti Home we have so many facilities, which I have not seen in any private hostels. The first opportunity is having many loveable mothers. The other one is that volunteers from all over the world come to help us build our vocabulary and English. We have the computer facilities, which we learnt previously and all the children are good at it. There are no computer facilities outside Aarti Home. The most important one, however, is that we have a big library. We have a lot of books and we get an ocean of knowledge through the books. The food is very good and we eat a variety of food daily. We are all in unity and always help each other in any situation. We have extra curricular activities like dancing, singing, music, and painting etc. which most of us love to do. 

Education is the most important thing in every life. Any person who is educated can survive anywhere in the world. A person who has education will not be dependent on others. Our government needs to provide free education for all people and also more jobs. There are ways that people should behave in society that benefit it. How to behave properly is learned automatically through education. In the village many people support child marriages and child labor.

Children want education but parents force them to get married and work because their finances are bad. Because of this many people are facing problems in their lives. For example, nowadays we are seeing more suicide cases because people don’t know a way to solve their problems. They are not able to think of solutions, so they attempt suicide. If a person was educated they have learned ways to solve their problems and have more options for their life. Education makes life possible. 

Some people think education is not important, especially village people. We have to tell them that this is wrong. We have to speak out about the importance of education. We have to tell them that if they have education they can rely on themselves, and do things on their own. People everywhere respect a person with education. Education provides a secure life for any person. Thus, every person must know about the importance of education so that they can have the best future for themselves and their family.

Education plays a very important role in life. Now I depend on Aarti Home, but in the future I don’t want to depend on anyone and my education will make it so that I can provide for myself and tell others, so they will be educated too. 



 This story was made possible by the photovoice project by Kent William Becker from the university of Wyoming.