My name is Jyothi. I am 15 years old. I am studying in the 10th class in Aarti School. I live in Aarti

Home. My hobbies are cycling and singing songs. My favourite subject is Hindi. I like the colur

skyblue. I would like to get more than 550 (out of 600) or above in 10th class because my aim is to

become a charted accountant. I have one older brother. His name is Sira Teja. He is studying Inter

2nd year in Naxayana Junior College in Kadapa. I would like to go to Singapore if I have a chance

to go to abroad. After my mother and father’s death, I came to Aarti home. My aunty and uncle took

me here. I was 15 years old when I came here. My mother died due to malaria fever when I was

12 years old. My father died recently in March. I felt very sad when God took my father. I came to

Aarti home on 18-05-11 and I mingled with the people here. I think that the happiest moment in my life was when I entered the Aarti Home.

I think Aarti home is a place where good children live. Being here, I learned to help others. We all are like brothers and sisters. In our home we all celebrate the festivals together. I also like it here because we all eat food together like a family. So I think of Aarti Home as one big family. I find more love here than before I came. I am so happy being here. I can say Aarti Home is an important part of my life and always will be.

There are a lot of ways to help. The first way is to help educate all because “Today’s children are Tomorrow’s citizens.” Fate can take away anything from us, but it cannot take our education. When we are educated automatically, we will be in a good position. Children are the backbone of the country, both boys and girls. A women’s place is not in a kitchen, but in an office or higher education. So, we must educate the girls. Education is the vaccine for violence. 

Another way to help is health. Health is wealth. Many people died due to lack of medical facilities, not necessarily money. To avoid this, first thing is to establish medical clinics in under-developed areas. Going back to education, if people knew the symptoms of a disease, they might be cured. 


This story was made possible by the photovoice project by Kent William Becker from the university of Wyoming.