Aarti for Girls - COVID-19 Activities

What a devastating start to a decade? COVID has impacted humankind in entirety. WHO declared it as a global pandemic. Countries went into lockdown. Unprecedented bravery of the medical field workers, mainly the frontline doctors and nurses is visible to the population of our planet. This war against Coronavirus has been devastating, pitching lives against livelihoods. In this war, we find the poor and disenfranchised getting hit the hardest.

Aarti for Girls has been continuously on the toes to ensure the safety and well-being of not only the children of the organisation, but also of the immediate local communities and population living in Kadapa. We put up awareness banners and distributed pamphlets in and around Kadapa.

When the COVID-19 crisis started off seriously in India and the lockdown started impacting the life of public in general, there were a lot of people who needed help and support. Some of these people are migrant daily-wage labourers and homeless people. With the stalling of all work, most of these people went out of work and lacked livelihood which feeds them on a daily basis.

Our relief operations for COVID 19 are centred on four areas - Awareness, Relief, Prevention and Support.

Awareness: We started awareness on social distancing and hygiene through 1000 banners and 5000 leaflets in slums across Kadapa town in Early March.

Relief: We are creating and distributing three kinds of packs for different sections of society - sanitation relief pack consisting of cleaning supplies and masks, Dry ration relief pack for families in dire need and COVID patient kits for the quarantined patients for all their needs. We are making and distributing Sanitation packs, dry ration relief packs and COVID patient kits. The identification and distribution is being done in close collaboration with district administration to identify and reach 21695 families and 700 migrant workers' families.

Prevention: We have trained several tailors and have formed cooperatives. With our women, we are making handmade masks everyday since March end for people in need and sending them to the people in the frontline

Support: Our most vulnerable sections of society - children and women in need continue to face even more danger now. Our helplines and support networks are open and continue to work 24/7.

The District Collector of Kadapa has identified the slum dwellers under the Municipal Corporation of Kadapa. There are a total of 21695 households. Apart from these there are 700 migrant labourers in Kadapa town who are from other states like Bihar, UP, Orissa, and they are not rice eaters. In order to cater to their needs, the Collector requested Aarti for Girls if we could help in providing what would be suitable to them. All these activities are being executed through - Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA)

We at Aarti have been busily engaged in COVID preventive and relief activities. We started creating awareness across the town of Kadapa. In the second week of March 2020, we had an emergency meeting with the management staff at Aarti, and as discussed and planned in the meeting, we started off with the following tasks:

  • Awareness programs about hygiene and social distancing at the onset of COVID

  • Displayed COVID preventive guidelines banners across the town - 1000

  • Distributed COVID preventive guidelines pamphlets across the town - 5000

  • Our women team started sewing masks with cotton cloth. We engaged women tailors of Lalitha Coop to work from home. We sent out the sewing machines to the women who did not have one at home.

  • Discuss with the District Collector for the distribution of the relief kits. The discussions are aimed at identifying the target areas and the families who are in dire need of help and support.

  • Started procurement of goods for COVID infected persons. We already distributed 35 of these. On the 2nd of April, 31 people were admitted into the COVID isolation and treatment wards at Fathima Institute of Medical Sciences. We sent the COVID-19 Patient Kits to all of them. Again 35 admitted on 24th April were given the kits too. Further kits are being given as there are new cases.

  • Started procurement of goods for COVID relief kits consisting of sanitation and dry-ration essentials. We have already distributed 5000 kits as of now. Further kits are being readied.

We would like to thank you for your unstinting support and trust in us. We wouldn't have been able to reach the most vulnerable populations in our little area without your generous support. If you would like to support us further, you can do so here.