Our Vision

What started off as a home for abandoned children has turned into a grassroots effort to empower girls and women on all fronts. 

1. End practices of gender-based discrimination

such as female abandonment, female feticide/infanticide, domestic abuse, child marriage, & the dowry system

2. Ensure a safe upbringing and education for every child

by offering high quality education, activity-based learning, and a loving environment

3. Empower women economically, socially, and politically

through training, employment opportunities, and awareness regarding legal rights

Our Values


Our work is born out of compassion for those who lack the opportunities and resources to live fulfilling and safe lives.


At the root of our cause is the desire to create a society where a girl child receives all of the opportunities her male counterparts receive. A society where women believe that they are able and deserving of economic and emotional independence.


In Kadapa, Aarti is trusted by the community as an organization that is always honest and dedicated to its cause. Children and women will always be safe, loved, and respected while in our care.