Your generous donations make our work in the fight against gender discrimination possible. As a donor, you have to opportunity to help cover school fees and caretaking costs for our children who need it most. Donations can be made online or through mail. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. 

Aarti Child Sponsorship 
Aarti Village houses 120 children. Full sponsorship for a child includes room and board costs, education fees, and medical costs. 



Aarti School Scholarship
Aarti serves over 500 students through its programs. Full sponsorship for a student includes tuition fees, books, school materials, and snack. 



Higher Education Sponsorship 
Full sponsorship for a college-going student includes tuition fees and school materials. 

$400/ year 


Meal Sponsorship 
One sponsorship covers the cost of all meals for the 120 children of Aarti Village for one day. 





Rs. 12,000/-

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs.  25,000/-

Rs.  2,100/-

Rs.  10,000/-



£25/ month






Thank you from Aarti