Aarti Home

As a stepping stone for some and a permanent home for many others, Aarti Home is a

 safe haven for children across Kadapa. 

  • 1000+ children have been in Aarti's care

  • 800+ have been rescued from abuse or trafficking

  • currently 120 children living at Aarti Home

It all began with Radhika. After bringing the abandoned two-year-old girl Radhika to her house, Sandhya and her nieces decided to create a small bank account to raise a few children. Close friends in the community quickly joined in: Durga helped them secure a small house, Vimala moved in to take care of the girls, and Sunita helped organize all their correspondences. At the time, there were no big plans, no zeal to change the societal views, and no expectation for recognition. Their simple goal was just to help these five young children and do a little good in the world.

As the community became aware of Sandhya’s efforts, more and more children were left at Aarti's gate. There were girls brought there because their mothers were ill, because families couldn’t afford them, because their parents had died, but, at the root of it all,

because they were girls. 



Aarti is not an institution, but a real home where children can be themselves.  No matter their background, all children have a unique potential and deserve the love and resources they need to realize their dreams. Aarti cares for children through their childhood and throughout their lives.

Aarti is managed by a full time live-in staff. Aarti village focuses on the idea of developing a family unit. The village is broken down into six cottages, which are each run by a house mother. Each of these cottages operates as a smaller "family" inside of Aarti Village.

Aarti village was built when the organization outgrew it's old home, which is now Aarti school. The current Aarti Village houses over 100 girls, who have come abandoned or abused into its walls. Aarti is a loving community that works to instill confidence and give opportunities to its children. The girls of Aarti have become strong leaders in their community, are enrolled in Kindergarten through Master’s programs, and are working as engineers, medical technicians, and social workers to change the lives of women throughout Kadapa.

Aarti Village

Over the years, Aarti For Girls has grown, yet Aarti Home will always remain at the heart of the organization. Not simply because it is the starting point, but rather because it is the home of our girls. Their compassion, joy and resilience are the reasons those who work at Aarti remain relentless in the movement towards equality.

Daily Life at Aarti

After school, the girls of Aarti home play on the playground, nap in their rooms, practice meditation, garden, and do homework. On the weekends, Aarti children enjoy reading, watching movies, going on fieldtrips, and crafting.