Aarti Daily Snapshots

Aarti children are doing big things, overcoming their past traumas, and forging bright futures. But the joyful daily life at Aarti cannot be forgotten: Aarti is a home where children can be children. Click below to learn more about daily life at Aarti. 

Stuff for this page (in no particular order):

"Sandyamma is my mother"- Spandana, Hema, Anusha, Deekshitha, and Vishnupriya

My favorite memory is New Years at Aarti when I did dance to Kashmere song. Everyone clapped and I got to wear a pretty dress. - Soundarya

I like school because in school you can learn anything. - p. lakshmi

I like this village because there are so many sisters and friends, both of which you need. And I like playing on this ground. I play foodball, cheta (?), karanboards (?), etcetera.- Swarooparani

Here there are a lot of sisters and friends. I like that. And then we are all going to colleges and schools. I like that. I like Palaconda temple cause of the waterfalls and donkeys. God is blessing to us always there. This village is so nice place. Peaceful mind here. So greenish. I have three best friends at Aarti. And all members are my sisters. -Ramadevi

"My favorite thing about Aarti is that everyone has a helping nature"- Ramya

I have soooo many friends in Aarti. All are my friends!! - Pravena

I came to Aarti Home- it is God's gift for me. I like Aarti Home very much. Here I have so many sisters and Sandhyamma is a mother, but not only a mother, she is a friend, mother and everything. She does everything for us. My favortie memory is Sandhyamma's birthday, it was like a festival. In that day, Amma felt very happy and we were enjoying a lot. In that day we were all very happy. - Lakshmi R. 

The home is beautiful. My favorite person is Sandhyamma because she is always laughing. - Zakeera

My favorite memory is of when we went on a tour with all Aarti family and we enjoyed a lot there. We swam and we had dinner altogether very happily so I enjoyed it. I can't pick my favorite part about Aarti- everything about Aarti is my favorite. -Kusuma